Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~ 7 More Things About Moi ~

I have been tagged by Shelley of Sweet Pea Home to do 7 more things about me......Well, lets see now.....

1) I have 2 lovely daughters-Alex and Nina. Alex is 13 going on 40 and Nina will be 25 in July. (Where does the time go?)

2) My mother is from Finland and I was born in Naples, Italy. (Military brat).

3) I love salted licorice (found some at the World Market store last week and have stuffed my face with it ever since.) Salted licorice is common in Finland, so I think that is where my bad habit started.

4) As I said before, I am a registered nurse by profession and I am particularly fond of elderly patients. And why not, who else would put up with my antics and still smile.

5) I love altered art-almost any kind-but especially the art utilizing vintage pieces and old, old cabinet photos.

6) I have a passion for watching Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Predjudice-who wouldnt be fond of these timeless classics.

7) Last but not least-I have a fondness for tall, dark and handsome men. I do not have one in my life, but a girl can dream can't she? Blue eyes would be a plus and great definition in the chest area wouldnt hurt either. Of course he would have to be a good listener, great father, good at building,painting, and fixing, and last but not least-worship the ground I walk on. Ok, I am getting a little carried away now. You get the picture......


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to find new junking buddies! I tried to post a comment earlier on your collections post, but my computer was playing tricks on me and I guess it didn't go through. I do have more burlap ribbon.
    I will be in Canton on Thursday if you happen to be there. I also can get it to you another way.
    I live in Frisco and have a booth in McKinney.
    It is good to make your aquaintance!

  2. belle ballade sur ton blog!!!


  3. Fun to know more about you.

    I have a fella. He is medium (not tall) dark and handsome, brown eyes not blue. He can do a lot of fixin' up things, and is learning to listen. And his once defined chest has kind of drooped to his belly now, ( I'm not exactly the same as i used to be either),he's a keeper!!
    Who'd want to start over after 40 years?

    Blessings and smiles
    Barbara Jean

  4. Sorry girl, Cat Daddy is taken, but I have been known to rent him out. I'll keep my eyes open...never hurts to send out scouts!

  5. Girl dream away, you never know Mr. Right just might be around the corner at the antique shop? Okay maybe not antique shop... because he too may be looking for men! How about the grocery store and you could help come up with ways what to fix for dinner. I'm dreaming for you too. Hey, this could be your next post, forget how about to find the next bachelor. It could work.

  6. You can never dream too big. I'll bet he's out there. Thanks for sharing with us a litle about yourself. It is so interesting to learn about each other while blogging.


  7. I'm a HUGE Jane Austin fan. Have you read her biography?....IT is even more amazing that she wrote these beautiful novels once you know her life! A woman novelist in her time was unheard of.

  8. Hei Tiina! Terveiset Rovaniemeltä! Juuresi siis ovat Suomessa. Eksyin tänne blogillesi Jonnan Pitsinauhaa -blogin kautta.
    Ihanaa kesää!