Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~ Tiny Tuesday Project ~

" After "
" Before "

I am calling this a tiny project because it is very simple and the candles that I used are literally 2 inches high. I have used these tiny candles before where I simply hot glued an old vintage button to the front of them and that was it. They sold very well, until someone copied me and then I decided to stop making them. I was happy it lasted while it did. All of you are familiar with the store that these candles sometimes appear in-let's call that store TJ Maxx. They come in a long tube of about 12 and cost about $7.99. Next I got the glue (Elmer's) and found some pictures that I downloaded on line forever ago and ran them off in 2 inch circles on a piece of parchment paper. I liked the circles, but decided to cut around their heads to make it look a little more dimensional. I love these old black and white victorian looking women. you can also buy books that have these type of images at bookstores that sell illustration books with no copy right so you can run them off whenever the mood hits. Decoupage them, glue them, and use them....I sold each of the candles for about $2.50. Since votives are now higher than that, I think women love them because of the pictures and the fact that the candles are white. They do smell like vanilla, which I do not care for, but at least they are white and I am sure there are vanilla lovers out there. So for a very inexpensive project you can make a little extra cash, and both seller and dealer will be happy.....


  1. Those are so neat! Seems we both had candles on the brain today. LOL I will have to try these next! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your blog! Have ran across it before and don't know why I didn't add you before. Keep up the neat ideas and fun pictures! Andrea

  3. I love this idea! I've often looked at those candles at TJMaxx. I'll score some the next time I am there! Thanks for sharing the idea!


  4. Hi Tina! You've been tagged! Please stop by my blog to check it out!


  5. These are cute! I have made some similar to yours using the tall candles (I call them the catholic candles..you know the one's with the Virgin Mary)except these are all white minus the VM and they are unscented. Anyway, I glue a religious card to it and tie rosary beads or metals to it with twine.

    Have a nice evening~

  6. nice idea, and i love simple!!

    barbara jean

  7. BEAUTIFUL Tiina!!!! Simple yet elegant...xxoo, Dawn

  8. You are so sweet to share ideas. I've used the Catholic candles but never the votives. Your idea of the ladies was over the top. No wonder people steal your ideas. I myself will probably be stealing, I mean borrowing this one myself!

  9. What a fabulous idea! I love it! I know what I am going to do this weekend:)

    Thanks for the directions!



  10. Great idea! Thanks. Sorry I didn't make it to Lone Star on Saturday. My daughter in law ended up dropping the Grands off at our house so I did not drive up there. Maybe another day.... where does the time go? I seem to think I have sooooooooooo much time & then the week is over. Can't believe this is already Wednesday afternoon! YIKES!

  11. As soon as I saw this on your blog yesterday I had to try it on one of my own candles. Love it so much I'm on my way out to buy more. I am assuming you don't mind if I make a few for my booth.

    I just love the way your booth looks and I'm totally drawing inspiration from you to bring to my own space. Since were not even in the same state I hope you don't mind.

  12. Love it! Went right down to my local TJM and found out they sold them all on clearance when I wasn't looking! Bummer - I was looking forward to trying some of these with a slight variation -thank for the idea though! (You have SO many of them! Wish you lived in NH :-))

  13. i can't see straight...these are sooooo cute. oh my...never would have thunk it so. i see those cutie little candles in discount stores all the time and can't ever quite figure out what to do with them.....
    good look!!! clever, clever, clever.
    no..i never get tired of looking at your mall space. i adore it.