Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~ White Heaven ~

" Lynn's sink at her other house......."
"Mirror reflections........"

" Master bedroom full of babies."

" You missed SR falling out of the tree near the back of the house. Geeezzz !!! Does he always have to be up in a tree with his binoculars? I wonder what the man is looking for? I'm sure the squirrel that dropped his nuts when he saw you really appreciated that!!!" LOL...

" Lynn relaxing with her babies."

Two days gone and no blog in sight. Wow, I guess the garage redo and the trimming of the bushes today took it out of me. I can feel thankful that it is done (at least the bush trimming). The garage still needs my TLC but it can wait for now. I have been quietly at home completing task after task-and finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Couldn't pass up another opportunity to post some pics of Lynn's home and some of her lake house. I have not been there yet, but am looking forward to visiting. Looks like it will be as lovely as her and SR's home here. By the way, Lynn is the one that took these pics for me (of her lakehouse) so she gets a thumbs up from me.....


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous !!! I want to see Lynn's house sooo bad ~ I know it is to die for beautiful ~

  2. I LOVE her babies...and her house is a white haven....Those bedroom curtains are gorgeous!!!
    how come we never see pictures of SR...??? We know so much about him already..definately need to see the face behind the man??? LOL

  3. Love it all, but especially that lamp in her bedroom, and her babies.

    barbara jean

  4. Love that sink,would make doing dishes so f u n!

  5. Ok, Lynn has to bottle her talent and sell it, I'd be the first in line to buy it. Gorgegous, just gorgegous!! I want a lake house that pretty...

  6. I meant to tell you there's an upcoming sale near you on Thursday you might be interested in, check out my blog for details.

  7. Wait a minute here while I go grab my shopping cart! Pretty neat area in front of the kitchen sink and that was so cool how the first mirror captured the chandalier.
    Glad your still digging through your things, cant wait to see that empty storage shed, that will give me hope for my filled up garage!

  8. I'm with Theresa...heck, I want just one house that pretty.

  9. wow... what charming , lovely, timeless pieces you have... Such a fortunate lady... Enjoy.

  10. I do like that spot out in the countryside. The way those mirrors are arranged is so artful!

  11. HI ~
    Can you tell me how to get ahold of the lady that owns Bountiful ?
    thank you !!

  12. Love that mirror display! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Oh! so beautiful, love all the mirrors. The little babies are sweet getting their pics taken on the bed (lucky babies). Sandi