Thursday, May 21, 2009

~ The Man, The Myth, The Legend.....~

" Don't be fooled by his sweet and caring face..." (By the way that's Miki -even he knows not to look directly into SR's eyes).
" Trying to hide from the camera or is that one of those antique peep show devices that Sony has just put out. Boy, every man in America is going to want one of those! I bet SR hides his right along with his growing Playboy book collection....Mr All-American isn't he? "

" Well, need I say more....First of all your underwear belongs in a drawer, second of all is that holes I see? Good grief! if you have an itchy rash do something about it. There are creams for that now! Thirdly, let's not even discuss all the stains.....Next, I suppose you will claim that those are tea-stained and that Lynn did it....."

It has been brought to my attention several times by several women, that it is about time to reveal the character behind all the stories....I am talking of course about SR (Lynn's hubby). How many men do you know would have put up with all the stories and hard times I have given this man-probably not tooooo many. He has been a great sport! I thought I would give everyone a little history about this unique man. He was raised by loving parents in a side show carnival. The carnival began in Mexico City and migrated over to Texas. His mother was a trapeze artist and his father was the guy they shot out of the cannon. SR (which stands for Severo) originally started out feeding the Lions and then graduated to being the Bearded Lady. No one knew he was a boy, so why force the issue if you can make a buck. I believe this is where SR's love for dressing up in women's clothing originated. Anyway, let's get back to his childhood. His grandparents were also part of the carnival. His grandfather swallowed swords up until the day he ruptured his gut with a rusty blade and passed away from Lock Jaw. And although his grandmother was devastated by her husband's passing, she continued on as the beloved Wolf Woman. She could be seen chasing cattle at midnight by the full moon. Unfortunately, one night she got too close to a steer and she was kicked so hard that they still haven't found her. What a wondrous childhood SR must have had. Now we know why he does the things he does. With a family history such as this, one cannot help but to feel compassion and love for this man. Both tragic and strange at the same time. Now we know why we need to steer clear of him at fleamarkets and garage sales. I can't even begin to imagine what memories he must have stored away. So ladies if you happen to bump into him or see him approaching run for your lives-your fleamarket treasures could be in jeopardy. But beware he is a man of many disguises-a chameleon of sorts. A devil in disguise dressed as an old woman.....Beware.......


  1. Just wanted to stop in and say thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm off to look around your blog now.

  2. Hey Tiina,
    I hope I can quit laughing long enough to write this message to you. This is a amazing tale of tragedy for sure. Those undies had to belong to Wolf woman. She must have been kicked right out of them. It's truely a miracle that SR seems to be as sane as he is. You crack me up!

  3. My I needed that laugh today!!! I have been wanting to see JR after reading all these stories, well now I can understand..the man..Those undies were just too much :) tell him I think he has kind eyes..

  4. A man that loves lap dogs... ya gotta love the man!

    Tiina.. you're so funny... that's a "Globe Zucchini" in my post today... and they are about the size of one of those small seedless watermelons if you don't pick them in time!

  5. Holy S*** Tiina!
    I thought I saw that man peeping in my bathroom window about 3 nights ago! (just kidding)

    How happy I am that you FINALLY revealed the looks of him as I really thought he was only a figment of you and Lynn's imagination.

    He's everything I thought he'd be...right down to his underwear!

    Have I told you lately how funny you are and how much I LOVE visiting you here??? (maybe I haven't done so enough...I really doooo!)

    everything vintage

  6. Tiina, you crack me up girl. Where do you get this stuff. I can just hear the wheels a turnin!!
    The Lord knows I needed a really good laugh.
    You really need to write some memoirs ya know!! You could make a killin. Seriously!

  7. I have a feeling you're not going to be allowed to hang out with Lynn anymore!