Sunday, May 24, 2009

~ 7 Things About Me ~


Theresa from Garden Antiqs has just tagged me....So here goes:

7 Things about me:

1) I love my family and friends-where would we be without them?

2) I am an RN by profession and am looking forward to going back to work just as soon as I can get my life back in order...Any suggestions on how to do that would be appreciated.

3) I love,love,love to eat ice and raw flax seeds. If someone were to cut me open I would be a frozen block of flax seeds......I feel it is much better than chewing fingernails or toenails for that matter....

4) I am single again (now for almost a year) after being in a relationship with the same man for over 20 years. Don't even ask me the reason for the breakup or blogger will not have enough space for me to post about it. Let's just say those famous 3 words-Mid-Life Crisis!!! (and I am not referring to me.)

5) Next to eating ice and flax seeds I love to "junk" shop. There is no better high than finding that perfect whatever it is!!! And if you get it at a great price-that is a double delight...

6) Love to decorate and paint. Even if it is a small little cracker box of a booth-you can let your creative juices flow and not worry about it. Because in the end paint is just paint and it is easy to change.

7) I am especially fond of great magazines, decorating and cooking shows, HGTV, and anything that gets the imagination going. There is such a diversity of people and ideas out there. The Before and After is what I am looking for.....

There you have it. That was easier than I thought. Once I post this I am sure I will say to myself how dumb-you should have thought of more important things. But these are important to me-at least for today......


  1. Thank you Tiina for allowing us to get to know you better, and yes these are important things to you and no they are not dumb!! Happy Memorial Day!!

  2. Hi Tiina,
    I am glad you shared these little vinettes of yourself with us. I love nurses by the way. I'm in awe of their knowledge, and most of the time would rather see them than a Dr. anyday.

  3. Hi Tiina...
    Strange, isn't it...the realization that we are all more alike than different, even though we haven't met? I suppose that's why we've all found each other through blogs. Glad to "know" you a little better.
    Tami E.

  4. Hey sweetie...your things weren't dumb at all!!! You're incredibly talented too dear Tiina...those dress forms are BREATHTAKING!!! You have a wonderful eye, great taste and such a flair for display too.... xxoo, Dawn

  5. Oh Tiina...I loved you "before" and still love you "after"...
    You are sooooo talented, I just love coming here to see all of your creativity and talent!
    YOU are so very inspiring!!!!!!
    everything vintage

  6. Hey Tina.. we have alot in common it seems after I read about you! Nurses can make all the diff for recovery in a hospital. I owe alot to nurses for being here now. I LOVE your dress forms!!! the dealer next to me has 2 he can't sell out of like a plastic material..I was thinking of getting them..hummmm HEY!!! I finally did this weekend a Hutch in your colors and technique!
    the Gel satin was really grea to use..and I loved the cream color.. I will post this pictures sometimes tonight... I want your opinion ok????? ( rememeber its my first time doing it) have a great day!

  7. Holy moly! The before and after are just amazing! What delightful word art!

  8. made me laugh. i needed a laugh. those are great reasons!! thanks for sharing....