Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~Tattooed Tuesday~

Now that I have involved my life in "Blog Land", I find myself migrating to the computer day and night. That's not such a bad thing until you get a mental block. Yesterday was one of those days....Worked all day and did homework all night. I know I am not the only one with that schedule. Todays post would have been yesterdays, which by the way, is my 50th post!!! Wow-time flies when your having fun. Tattoos are all the rage right now with both young and old. I have never seen such awesome works of art. I have to admit I am a chicken from the word go. Something about needles poking me on my butt (or wherever people put these things) is not my idea of fun. Now, we get to the tricky part. My oldest daughter has joined the tattoo craze. I'm thinking I have failed as a mother...I know, I know alot of people have them or are getting them. Some have them in places where I wouldnt even want to go-get my drift. I have devised a plan for all those moms out there who are in the same predicament as I am in right now. It is called "altered Tattoo" and heres how you do it. Step1:Find some awesome goodies. Step2:Have victim lay down on the ground. Step3:Take your time in arranging your vingette so as to please the eyes. Step4:Admire your work-because whats lurking below is permanent. Step5: Allow victim to leave after photographing your artwork because even though she has a bird stuck to her leg, she would really look ridiculous with doilys dangling-or maybe not? Even though this project is not permanent wasn't it fun to watch the transformation. Thank you Nina for indulging your old mom in this little demonstration.


  1. My one & only daughter got a tattoo, years ago, on a weekend with a friend. I was devastated at the time. It was on her lower back, a purple cross. Obviously she was ahead of her time.

  2. I want a tatoo(must me a mid-life crisis thing) and my daughter forbid me...forbid me? to do it. I don't like pain either so she suggested I get a henna one. Haven't yet, but I'm gonna!!! Debbie

  3. Too funny! Although tattoos are all the rage right now, I am a Victorian and somehow it doesn't go with the image:) Did I also mention that I am petrified of needles and a wimp when it comes to pain? Yeah, if the first reason wasn't good enough the second and third were-lol!

  4. Cute blog. a kid getting a tattoo can be devastating at the time.

    I was fortunate in that my son (shouldn't seem so bad when it is a boy,) got his tattoo on the back of his head. (that was when he was shaving his head.)

    Now, when his hair is grown out, it doesn't show.

    subject change:

    Love the pillows on your banner. Did you make them?

    Barbara Jean