Saturday, February 14, 2009

~Valentine's Day Part II~

Don't be fooled by his sweet old grin! This man was arrested for indecent behavior with a shopper. He wanted to paste dictionary sheets all over her body and do a word search.
Men seem to migrate to this room. Don't they know she has no brain. Maybe thats the idea. See photo above.

Sweet Dreams!!! You cant help but have them in this bedroom. Yes, you guessed right again. The same man that attempted suicide near the stairs tried to hide under this bed and nap while his wife was shopping upstairs.

Imagine having a lovely meal at this table. Seconds before this photo was taken, we nearly had a husband land in the center of this table trying to act like he tripped on the stairs. And men talk about women being over dramatic.

Even our bathroom is full of goodies. Ask Mr. Casanova-he ought to know.... By the way, that dress you tried on made your hips look big!

Sit down and relax... See we even have a place for your man to rest when he begins to have one of those gut wrenching episodes when his woman is shopping.

These two ladies spent the better part of their Golightlys shopping experience making fun of other shoppers. Somebody needs to remind them how ridiculous they look with those vintage hats on. And I must say they didn't have a wrinkle one. Botox anyone?

We had our share of sophisticated shoppers today as well. Red for Valentines Day-How sweet! I hope she remembered to pay for that cross.

"Oh No!" isn't that the rude shopper from Funky Monkey? Still wearing the same hat, but trying to hide her face. "You can't hide that stump of an arm though-can you?!"

Twigs in a bucket? Who'd a thunk it?

Serenity in several scents....

"Cowgirl Chic" is all the rage!!!

Ok, now that I have finished discussing the "man" issues today, I will let you partake in the photos of the day. Sometimes working at an antiques shop can really be hard work. Thank goodness for the beautiful goodies that surround me while I am there...Here we go.....


  1. Hey love your blog. And love that red purse hanging on the bed with the cross. Is that for sale. email me


  2. how interesting!

    i visited your other blog too. nice.



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  4. This was a great post. Loved it. BTW, I hope Lynn's blog is up and going soon; please tell her she has a fan waiting!!

  5. Hi sweetie!

    LOVE the shop....lots of beautiful and exciting treasures!