Monday, February 23, 2009

~And the Oscar goes to.....~

I managed to stay up last night to watch the Academy Awards. My youngest daughter was already counting the zzzzzzzz before 10:00 pm. Hugh Jackman couldnt have looked any better. I must say, I was really pulling for Micky Rourke to win-that was disappointing. Sophia Loren looked lovely, but my sweet little Goldie Hawn looked a little tooooo stretched for me. She always seems so bubbly and sweet, but for a minute there visions of Joan Rivers were dancing through my head. Did I miss the memorium for Heath Ledger? Didn't Paul Newman die this year? Or am I getting senile? Meryl Streep needs to rethink her wardrobe the next time around. I think the dress and the color of it made her look years older. I lost it when Ben Stiller pulled the Yaquim Phoenix (I know I am spelling it wrong) bit. I did like the way they presented with the past winners. Lots and lots of beautiful glam dresses. The hairstyles were also very similar with the wispy pulled back tossled look-very becoming on the ladies. I noticed the jewelry was very toned down this year. I am sooo happy Jerry Lewis got recognized. I have grown up watching and loving that special man. I think the hardest part for me is to see the stars aging along the way. Makes me realize how fleeting time is and how fast it passes. Enjoy every moment!


  1. I watched it too... For some reason I think it missed some wow factor, like we've had in previous years... It was just okay!

  2. I never miss Oscar night...but I have to say, I dozed on and off in the middle so I did misss some of it. I should have recorded. I was sorry that Sean Penn won. He is a great actor but he always has to take a political stance and can't just let it be for one night! Bugs the crap out of me...all I want on Oscar night are to see the "glams",see the hard workers get their recognition, and see a little "show" Hugh said in the beginning. Let's see more "show" than "biz" on Oscar night! He was a great host! Never knew he was so talented. I could go on and on about Oscar night... thanks for the post.

    ps. maybe Mr. Newman passed in 09. I don't remember the date and possibly that is why there wasn't any mention (even so, though..they could mention him for both years - he is a legend!)


  3. I missed the whole oscars, but your pictures are beautiful today on your post!