Friday, February 13, 2009

~Funkalicious at The Funky Monkey~

This brings new meaning to the term "crowded bed. "
"Goodies Galore"

"Yep, you guessed it, I was the inspiration for this piece. Just kidding her boobs aren't big enough.....LOL....

"Where on earth is this child's mom? Shopping I'll bet."

Ouch!!!! Thats Gotta Hurt!!!!!

This lady was a real B*@^& !!! I asked her where she got her hat and she threw her arm at me!

This lady must be very confident in herself. To wear a scarf rather than covering her plastic surgery gone wrong? Didn't keep her from shopping did it? She must be related to the other lady that threw her arm at me. Neither one was up for any conversation. How rude!


Here's Miss Lisa who I immediately gave a heads up to regarding the 2 rude shoppers. Needless to say upon questioning, Lisa failed to get them to talk either. I thought all women love to talk. Well, I guess I am allowed to be wrong once in my life.


Just when you thought you were finished with the nonsense, along comes another shopper who was obviously too cheap to buy anything, but she didn't mind using the facility to bathe. Geeezz...The nerve of some people.

Here is where Lynn started to sweat profusely. She says she gets that way when she shops at Funky Monkey. Not wanting to be embarrassed by her bodily functions gone wrong-I immediately directed her to the tub where the "free loader" was still bathing. Thank goodness Amy had that tub!

This truly is the epitomy of a Valentine display. A feast for the eyes. Luscious pinks and sweet smelling candles. Roses and special effects lighting. A pink convertible and some candy. And for the men breasts and a trunk...Need I say more......

What the Funk!!! You knew I was going to say that didnt you-I couldn't resist. After lunch with Lynn we headed for The Funky Monkey. This is the brain child of our dear friend Amy Wray. The photos of her shop will speak for themselves. Too bad she was not there today, but her BFF was-Miss Lisa. This store is kind of shabby meets funky meets tattered classy. You get the drift. Strolling through the store you will find a bit of everything and anything. An abundance of awesome jewelery next to a headless cupid statue. Some delicate clothing hung on a doll's leg. A deer head that I swear stares at you the whole time your shopping. Purses and wallets and books-oh my...Blingy skulls and vintage religious pieces blend together to form a unique combination that only Amy can pull-off. Way to go girl !!!


  1. You must go to see this wonderful shop, it is one of a kind, just like Amy the owner. You will not be disappointed. There is no other place like it. I truly do break out in a sweat, and get heart palpatations along with it. I bought the coolest headless cement boy that was once a fountain, I already put it on my outside bench to welcome all visitors. When you go tell Amy Hi for us. Lynn

  2. I enjoyed reading about the funky monkey and that *#$* etc.. Too funny! LOL

    I think I will follow this blog. I love all things old and I love anything that makes me grin.

    Cheers from Canada,


  3. Great pictures. Love the bed and all the goodies on it. Looks like a treasure find.

  4. Don't you just love 'The Monkey'!!! Amy and Lisa are soooo nice! I'm still laughing at that picture of the headless baby straddling the deer antlers!! OUCH!!

  5. This was just a scream.. you had to have had a ball.. hope they teach those shoppers some great post..
    Happy Valentine's Day!! hugs ~lynne~

  6. This was just too darn funny!!! Great post! I wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy Valentines Day....and I got a real treat from you! Thank you for the laughs. I must check out the Funky Monkey! ~Cheryl

  7. Wow...I could spend all day in that shop and probably never see everthing.
    It's too bad the manequins are so awful. :o) Sue

  8. What a great post. After seeing Amy's shop on Chris Brown's site, then Deb's Blog, and now yours I'm definately planning a trip that way. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  9. Such a cute place- I love the shot you labeled "surreal." I'd like to just sit and rest there. Thanks for sharing these pix!


  10. I know these girls, they are so cute and sweet! I would love to go to their shop! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Amy's shop is so much fun and Amy's a hoot. So is Lisa. Both are extremely talented. Thanks for the tour. It was fun!

  12. I want to go shopping with you! How funny you are. You remind me of my sister,,when we go into a Hallmark store,,its one good time, they start to wonder if we are on drugs, as we loose controll at the funny cards, her laughter is infectious. Your making me smile this morning!