Saturday, February 7, 2009

Plato Enormo

Now, many of you think I just might be fluent in Spanish. Well, that is not the case. But whilst out on a small Saturday excursion with my daughters, we ventured into a nearby mexican restaurant to have dinner. On the table setting was an ad for a special Valentine Sweethearts Dinner for 2. Plato Enormo along with free dessert was on the list. Well, as all my friends know just last summer I split up with the man that I have been with for nearly 20 years. We do have a lovely daughter, but needless to say things did not workout. Now as a newly single fortyish woman I have to find the humor in almost everything. Long story short, I simply asked the waiter if Plato Enormo is the man that goes along with the special dinner? Turning slightly red, the waiter laughed and said he might be able to arrange something like that if the price is right. Good Lord! do I have to resort to paying for it now? See what I mean about being happy with the simple things in life. No complications or bad relationships. No hiding behind a steering wheel (only did that twice). Just beautiful,simple,tattered treasures-kinda like me all tattered. Enjoy the view.....


  1. I'd take the tattered treasures over a bad man any day!! I hope you find your true love, I'm sure there's one out there for you. Don't give up hope!

  2. Nah, honey! Make them pay!!! Stopped by Golightly's today and I am in love. Debbie

  3. LOL, funny, I think he must of felt highly of himself! Beautiful blog.