Thursday, February 5, 2009

~ Eye Candy ~

No, I am not posting a photo of a tall and tanned blue-eyed, dark haired, muscular (ripped) man in his mid thirties. Not expecting much am I? I am posting some photos of some of the dealers vignettes at Golightlys since I worked the whole day. I will allow each of you to feast your eyes on these goodies-all for sale of course. Now if there are any men out there fitting the description in my first sentence, I will gladly let you know the days I am working....


  1. I'd like to go to that shop, my kind of colors! Great photos! I'd rather see the junk anyway!

  2. So beautiful!! You are really making me want to plan a trip soon to see this shop again. Just wish it wasn't so far from me, but then again, did that ever stop me? Happy Friday, T

  3. When that man comes in, hog tie him will you? Your photos are beautiful. May have to plan a trip your way soon. Debbie