Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, I thought I had a great idea yesterday when I took off with my mother and sis to Granbury. The thought was to take my camera with me for the first time and try to take photos of our little adventure. After all, these little adventures together are getting fewer and fewer. After THINKING that I charged the camera enough I picked up my mom and sis. I then realized that I should start with photos of my mother and father's house. She is an avid collector and lover of vintage religious items and relics. The pics of her house will speak for themselves-or so I thought. After taking 2 pics of her beloved Coco and Peku, I immediately got full swing into taking photos. Just when I got really, really into it-you guessed it, the battery went dead. What a disappointment! I WILL make a special point along with a fully charged battery to head back to my moms this week and get some inspiring photos. In the meantime, I will tease you with the 2 photos I did get and of course the 2 loving doggies. By the way, get a good look at Coco-whats with those ears? Poor guy had to have them shaved due to matted hair. I think he looks distinguished...


  1. The same happened to me when I went to the Urban Market. Can't wait to see more. Love the music too! Happy President's Day.

  2. What a great blog, I found you through Time Worn Interiors featuring you as a great blog to visit!! I added you to follow, keep inspiring, Janna