Thursday, February 19, 2009

~Thirteen Years Ago...~

I bet that everyone of us have that perfect picture of something we took at one time or other. This picture was one of mine. To think that my youngest daughter is now 13 years old.....I found this the other day and really need to get it framed and hung. I am off to spend the day at work, but I thought I would post this before I left. Ahhh...the good old days when you could stay at home and enjoy these moments...I love you Alex!


  1. What a sweet photo! They grow so fast don't they?! But they just get sweeter as time goes on!

  2. Happy 13th to your sweet baby. Patti's right, they grow up so fast!! I always wish I'd have had more time with my boys! Hope she has a special day!

  3. My daughter is 13 too and I wish she was still a baby!


  4. What a darling picture---I'm sure it makes you want to kiss those cheeks!!!! Barb