Saturday, February 28, 2009

~ Tonight at Midnight ~

There's still time......
Who says only birds belong in birdcages?......

"Mommy, can I get this doll?".......

Remember, tonight at midnight we (my daughters and myself) will choose the winner of the story contest. Have gotten some awesome stories-but there is still time.....Search back to Story Contest to see the photo. Send me a story and that's it! Good luck!!!


  1. Oh I can NOT wait to see who wins and what story they came up with! They have some awesomely talented imaginations out there, I know the competition is THICK. Hurry up midnight!
    everything vintage

  2. Hey lovin' those clock faces are they for sale? Can you email me with prices? Lauri@chippys

  3. Fingers crossed. What the hay, it was just fun to enter!

    The Texas Woman