Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~ Foundlings ~

Hoping that my sister will be released from the hospital today, I am off to do those "boring things" before we pick her up. I have already weeded and fertilized the lawn-Whew! And now I am on my way to get the oil changed in the truck (what fun-not). And it is not even 9am yet. No wonder I am hot flashing! I did take a pic of my tassel find yesterday so I at least want to post that if I do not get a chance later....Have a great day!!!


  1. Hope your sister is home.

    Weeded and fertilize the lawn! OMG, I can't even see mine yet. I dread those 1st warm days when I have to clean it up. There are more limbs and twigs on the ground than in the trees this year!

  2. The tassels are great and I love the way you used them in the vignette! In fact, I like everything in the vignette. You have a great eye for decor:)

    Hope your sister is recovering nicely:)

  3. Oh what beautiful foundlings! I hope all is going well with your sister!