Sunday, February 22, 2009

~Academy Awards Night~

I do enjoy a good movie now and then and as you know tonight is the Academy Awards. My oldest daughter just told me that Hugh Jackman is hosting.....that totally makes it worth watching now!!! That's one handsome man!!! I think they ought to redo the way the Oscar looks like so I am posting some pics of what could be the next new Oscar prototype. Of course, they are all cherubs but wouldnt they make great award statues-so much better than that golden robot looking statue. I am planning on spending the evening in with both my sweet daughters and watching the awards. A nice little dinner and dessert and of course a HUGE pot of yummy coffee. ***Remember there is 1 week left for the story contest. Winner will be announced next Sunday. Dang! I could have done it tonight so appropriately on the night of the Academy awards-oh well, leaves another week for some more great stories.***


  1. Sounds like you've planned the best evening ever! Love all your pics as well.

  2. Hope you are enjoying the Oscars!

    I have a great idea...maybe you can post about the NOMINATIONS tonight so we could all be prepared for Sunday!

    Just a thought...
    My channel for the Oscars is having some sort of dead air so I am missing out on Jackman...

    everything vintage

  3. And the oscar goes to Hugh Jackman! Was he not the best host yet? If you get a chance to see him in the Australian production of Oklahoma (it's shown from time to time on PBS) watch and drool! I Love Him. Debbie

  4. You have my vote for changing the Oscar statue to a cherub-the question is, which one? They are all so lovely! Perhaps they could have a different cherub statue for each category. I really enjoyed seeing your cherubs, they are divine:)