Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~ Beautiful Bountiful ~


"Time Worn"


Is that my daughter bothering that shopper? She should be scouting the goodies to find treasures for her mother....Doesn't she know that she is wasting precious time.

Today I spent the afternoon with my oldest daughter. Venturing back to Lone Star Antiques and their tea room for lunch. I did my share of picture taking at Felicia's booth Bountiful. I am really drawn to the creamy colors and tattered lacy textures-and of course those pillows!!!! I made a few purchases of lace remnants and old tassels. Easter seems to be on its way, and with it lots of Easter bunnies. I will do a post on the Easter bunny soon. In the meantime listen to my music and behold Bountiful.


  1. Oh thank you so much for posting pics of Felica's beautiful booth! Gosh, how does she do it all, the rearranging, the finding of awesome things, the talent!! Hey, maybe she could come and help me decorate my booth at Warrenton! She's just fabulous.

  2. You are so funny!! Hope you and your daughter had a great time!

  3. Love,love, love your blog and music. There is something about white and all it's shades..just love it.

  4. ohmygoodnessssssss ~ I'm in love with this space!!!! just gorgeous ~ thank you so much for taking photos for us, xxoo, Dawn

  5. That booth is wonderful! I could spend hours in there (maybe even take a nap on that lovely old bed:).

  6. Thank you for sharing! I bet you (& your daughter) had a wonderful time!! It is truly a dreamy place! Thanks for taking us along...your pictures are beautiful (& bountiful)~
    everything vintage

  7. LUCKY LUCKY YOU! What a wonderful booth. Good thing I don't live close. I would be flat busted broke! Thanks for sharing. Oh and I need (want) that clock face pillow. Hope you have a wonderful day, Hugs, Patricia

  8. Oh, my goodness, what a dreamy place!!!

    PS - love the music...

  9. Felicia,,,is wonderful,,does she sell on line? Or a blog,,or anything??? I am glad your daughter enjoys spending time with you. She is over the stage where, MOM is Totally Dumb. Yahoo.
    Love your posts.