Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old Postcards

One thing that is as close to my heart as the old vintage photos are the old vintage postcards. Many of those as you know are also from old photos. I love the old French ones, but those are harder to find and if you find them you will more than likely pay the price. The baby postcards are sooo cute and I thought would make great pictures to hang in a nursery-that is after they have been enlarged and framed. The other postcard of the colorized child just spoke to me...Need I say more? .....


  1. I dream in cream too! That is such a creative blog title..hmm.. I guess it depends on where you shop for the French ones...You see I have this shop and I live in France...LOL! I'm really not trying to spam you! I love vintage postcards and just enjoy blogging and reading blogs about.. vintage postcards of course!

  2. I love old postcards too! My favorites are the old Victorian ones with roses!

  3. Oh I love your old postcards. I vaguely remember having some.. I must try to find them. Thanks for the visit to see the hutch full of blue memories.. have a super day.. hugs ~lynne~

  4. I have a few old valentines around they house right now. I love old post cards too. You are oh so right those baby post cards would be adorable in a nursery!