Monday, February 23, 2009

~ Doldrums ~

Visited my sissy in the hospital again today. She had major back surgery last Friday. Thank goodness all has gone well so far. She had surgery several years ago in the same area. Nearly 2 years ago she was involved in a rear-end collision (not her fault of course), and this messed everything all up. I take my back for granted and do not have any idea as to the suffering she has been through for nearly 2 years. At 47 yrs old, she is still a young woman as far as I am concerned. I am a registered nurse and have been away from "the field" for a while now. I am now in a situation where I seriously need to reconsider going back to nursing. I really do love it and am anxious to start over. Next I have to consider keeping a booth at an antiques store or simply taking a "leave of absence for a while". There is nothing more that I enjoy than fleamarketing and shopping and decorating, so it has really become my passion. But sometimes passions dont make a living. Hopefully a nursing prospect will come along and I can arrange my schedule to still include what I love. Along with mothering and tutoring and cleaning and cooking-you get my drift.....I will keep my fingers crossed and look forward and not back....


  1. Good luck with finding some nursing work. Wow, I can't believe how many women in blogland are nurses. I'm sure you will find a way to do everything you love. Somehow.

  2. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone on this balancing journey. So many of us have the same story of wanting to follow our passions while dealing with the financial realities of today's economy. You will find a way.

    You and I have very similar taste in music. I enjoyed your playlist.

  3. Good luck in your search! I pray your sister is feeling better soon:)

  4. Yes, I'd rather be garage sale-ing too!

    Love your blog and love your story contest. Here's my entry:

    Isaiah Estalle was a preacher man with a naturally squinty eye that could look into a young boy’s soul and see good where others saw evil. If an outhouse was pushed over or somebody’s horses run off, Preacher Estalle seemed to know which one of us kids had done it. He’d show up at our house and “borrow” us to help him hoe a widow’s garden or paint an old man’s barn. We’d sing songs and he’d teach us how to tie different knots and pretty soon the chore would be done and he’d walk us home. He’d never say a word about the horses or the outhouse but we’d know better next time. We’d know better.

    I’m a preacher man myself now and I try to keep one eye squinty when I look at the young boys in my church. You never know when one of them might wish we still had outhouses.

    The Texas Woman

  5. Glad your sissy is OK! I have a bad back from a car wreck 21 years ago, and it sucks!

    We have been put in the same situation with the job thing! Craig and I have been junking full time for 8 years, but the last 2 have been less than desirable. I worked two part time jobs but it wasn't enough, so 6 months ago Craig took a full time job! He doesn't have any time for work on Junk! I try to do it all, but sometimes I need help!

    I'm glad you have the nursing thing to fall back on. Try to hold onto your booth, you would be happier if you can get your junking fix!

    As hard as it is we all have to keep a positive attitude in these hard times! I hope things work out for you!

    I love you blog and want you to stay around for a long time!