Sunday, March 22, 2009

~ Black and White ~

"Even the birds get dressed up here."
"Simply Elegant"

"Certainly changes the old saying that less is more."

"One of her customers appears to be diving right into the goodies."

" Oh Dear, not exactly organized is it? Reminds me of my house."

With Spring here and pastel colors overflowing, I decided to take a u-turn and do a color change. Not me exactly, but Amy at the Funky Monkey here in Keller has it going on!. I will visit her shop this week and take a peek at her new displays, but for now I am posting some old photos from a few months ago. I love the combination of black, white and silver. It is very elegant in its own way. Of course, the way it is decorated makes a huge difference. We sell black furniture at Golightly's nearly as much as the cream furniture. And why not? it is as elegant in the proper setting. I can envision a media room dressed in black, silver and white surrounded by old black and white hollywood photos. Or a dressing table with mirrored drawers and black and white accessories. The possibilities are endless, and thank goodness for other colors or this world would be quite boring. Oh by the way, I did visit my storage today and see for yourself what I have going on......


  1. Your storage is interesting! I spy a couple of things I'd like...

    The Texas Woman

  2. Now Girl I could do some great shopping in your storage this post..hugs and smiles Gl☻ria

  3. I love those branches, they usually sell them too short, over here. That storage sure looks familiar. Perhaps we should trade places, I bet it will be a lot of more fun to reorganizes somebody elses places filled with 'great buys'. Have a nice day!

  4. Love the pics of the black and white treasures-very elegant! You look like you have your work cut out for you in your storage shed! Have fun:)

  5. Ooooh! Love that color combination. That's a lot of stuff in that storage unit. I'll bet it was fun to collect though.

  6. I was invited to view your blog by a friend of mine who is a shop owner also, we are tea dye it was instant love with your blog.
    Its a snow day today and I am home digging in my piles too, out in the garage...its like an elephant...I am trying to eat it one bite at a time, but I am probably like you, we get only so far as our goodies distract us into projects as we go. Nice blog, I will be a regular visitor.Have to love the legs, and diving, thats hillarious!

  7. I love that black and white combo, looks very elegant! I have 2 pairs of mannequin legs in the basement of my shop I have been saving for Halloween...I think I'll break out a pair for the summer months too! Excellent idea! We live near a state park with a huge lake so that will look darling, please tell her thanks for the look! That storage garage looks like its brimming with great finds!