Friday, March 6, 2009

~ Freaky Friday ~

"I see you trying to hide behind that counter!!!"Who's the brunette Ronnie?"

"Amazing what you can find at an antique store!" Geeezz! Get a room!"

Took a little time off today to spend with my sister and my mom. They chose to go to Lone Star Antiques to snoop around a bit. I'm always game for that. Strolling up and down the aisles can be invigorating at times. Always looking for that "one" special item that catches your eye. Hoping to not be disappointed because someone already found what you wanted just a short while before you got there. The atmosphere there today was very relaxing. Dealers bringing in more goodies. Tearoom very busy. Music playing all around. As we were nearing the end of our little hunting spree, I noticed something very odd in one of the back booths. Then it struck me-either SR had already been there or someone was trying to play a rather nasty prank. Could it be that maybe these two dolls had fallen and ended up this way? We will never know. I did get a wonderful standing lamp. Joyce, one of the dealers there makes the lampshades herself. Love it!!! And in his usual gentlemanly fashion, Ronnie (the owner of Lone Star) bid us a fond farewell after we cleared our tab. I was not introduced to the brunette he was with, but I assure you it was NOT his wife!!!


  1. ha ha!!!! that is so silly! I have one boy and two girls...sometimes you see spiderman or the hulk riding a my little pony in to save wonderwoman and the rest of the barbies from certain death....somehow barbie is always so very greatful that they have to hug and kiss....(and when the kid next door is here they try to do the photo above...until I stop it)lol very nasty little trick indeed!
    have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for always taking us on your trips. Love it!

  3. Too funny,,you always make me smile. I do want to go shopping with you. I hope you have a fun weekend.