Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~ Marvelous Mannequins ~

" My fabulous purchase from yesterday." I even had to get the necklaces-it seemed ashame not to."
"This booth is the Shabby Y at Lonestar Antiques. Love her stuff!"

"Lynn's mannequin in her booth at Golightly's. Didn't last long!"

" Lynn's laundry room mannequin." Looks like Lynn might be washing her clothes."

"Lynn's mannequin in her living room. This one appeared especially disheveled-wonder if SR had anything to do with that?"

I was rummaging through some of my photos and noticed a pattern. I noticed that I have an affinity for taking pictures of mannequin forms. The more adorned the better, but some of the mannequin forms are quite lovely on their own. I am especially drawn to the fabric ones as they have already gained their beautiful tea-stained coloring over time. I have also noticed that they are getting harder and harder to find-at least the ones I like. If you are lucky enough to find them, then they are quite expensive. I think they are a justifiable extravagance! See for yourself.......


  1. Our "picker" brought us one this week end for only $60.00!!! We will blogging about it this week...such a find!!!

  2. What a wonderful find! I'm with you I love the old fabric mannequins as well. It looks like you have a nice collection of them.

  3. Your right, you can never have enough, I have 5 in my shop and would take more!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blogg<3 I like your blogg too =) you allways welcome=)

    Hugs from Mimmuli

  5. I, too, love mannequins and have three in my home!! But I really want to find one those really old with the cage...

  6. One of my favorite things to collect are vintage dress forms! I have 4 that I have acquired in the past 5 years. My favorite one is a J.R Bauman with the cage bottom... that I got at Goodwill for only $35.00 No Kidding! It is in perfect condition! Maybe I should do a post on them. Thanks for sharing your great photos!

  7. I am beginning to like the mannequins too. There is a wonderful booth at Antiques In Old Town (it's on my favorites list) that often has the mannequins but she adds antique lace and other trinkets to them. If you scroll back to some of her older posts you will see the pics. They're really pretty and generally sell immediately (she dolls up the antique shoes too).

  8. Oh YES....I've had a wonderful time peeking around your blog. Love the name too.

    Have a wonderful day.


  9. What did i miss?
    You are leaving?
    Blogland, or the Godiva's place?

    Blessings whatever you do.
    Barbara Jean

  10. I'm so jealous!! :) I have been wanting a vintage mannequin like that for SOOOO long!! I only found one once and it was too pricey for me. I still hold out hope that I will get lucky someday. It looks lovely with the necklaces!

  11. Your blog has given me such inspiration. Please come by and see what I have done thanks to you.
    Thank you for sharing such beautiful things.