Sunday, March 1, 2009

~ Once Upon a Time ~

Front Entrance as you walk in the door...Wow!
In the bedroom, probably where most of the planning takes place.
Yeah, I bet not if SR has anything to do with it.
Again in the master bedroom, geezzz they were both in such a hurry to get to Canton that the bed was undone-now that is true dedication!

Lynn has this room all to herself. Probably needs it living with a scoundrel like SR (just kidding-not.) SR has his own room as well. We will visit that space at another time. I bet you just can't wait.

Lynn's private room again. Don't you just love it? I believe they purchased that lovely lamp at a nearby fleamarket. That was the day SR distracted a female shopper by bragging about the size of his manliness. Well, although Lynn did get the lamp, SR got escorted out to a nearby empty field and his face is now posted at the front of the fleamarket entry-caption says: "Beware of deviant predator bragging about the size of his burrito."

Todays post is a fairytale which I have written, so pay close attention to the details-you dont want to miss a one. Once upon a time in a far off city in Texas there lived 2 happily married (sometimes) treasure hunters. Now these 2 are not your normal treasure hunters, they are the type of treasure hunters that hunt what we want. Shame on them because with this stinkin economy the motto is to share and share alike. But not with this couple. I have witnessed them hiding behind trailers that have yet to be unloaded in order to grab the goods before they are priced. (Shame on you SR!) I have also witnessed Lynn re-enacting a fainting spell that frankly is not worthy of an oscar, just so SR can push his way through the crowds while people hover over Lynn to make sure she is not dead. (Lynn how could you lower yourself-I can see SR doing that-but you too?) I once spotted SR dressed as an old Spanish woman and go around Canton muttering in Spanish acting like he did not understand english-reasoning for that is so he could jew those vendors down on their prices and make up some cock and bull story about how he needs the old chippy ironstone pitcher to pour the milk for his 12 kids at home! Shameful!!! Now I have been known to knock down one or two old ladies to get to some fantastic items, but I truly try not to make that a habit. People have to understand that when we get the treasure hunting fever-look out-we are in a strange state of euphoria that cannot be broken. Anyway, getting back to my story. I secretly broke into Lynn and SR's house today so I could show you first hand what their diabolical tactics have gotten them. Please dont drool and rub all over your computer screen when you are looking at these pics. Remember they are the enemy! To be cont......


  1. I would like everyone of those mirrors on the dresser. Do you think you could secretly take them out without anyone noticing. I'll pay you of course, top dollar!! See what trouble us dealers get into when eyeing something special. I can so relate to your story. My husband's tried a few of these things before expect for dressing like a Spanish lady, but I've actually acted like I didn't speak English once when a belligerent woman claimed I had snatched a lamp she had eyed from a distance. Hello, I already had it in my hand and as I payed she cussed me all the way down the drive way. All I said was NO HABLO INGLES (I don't speak English)!! Ha ha, we still laugh about that story.

  2. What nice things they all the creams, my favorite piece is the hutch. Enjoyed all your pictures and the story. Blessings, Regina

  3. You are too funny! I am sitting here laughing as I type this comment:) The pictures of their house are just beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest! And the stories of their shopping adventures-that is just hilarious!

  4. This is too cute! It's so true..being a treasure hunter I've thought of doing some of these things once or twice..haven't yet though! I'm sure if I'm pushed you can bet I will!

    Can't wait to hear what happens next...


  5. Lov-er-ly! Just lov-er-ly!

    The Texas Woman

  6. Everything looks fabulous! I love it all! I am totally in love with the lamp in the last photo!