Friday, March 20, 2009

~ The Darker Side ~

" Love those old leather books-much prettier than the girly magazines hidden under SR's chair."
" Clockcase all prettied up."

" Old hollowed out clockcase with embellishments and goodies."

" The man obviously spends alot of time on the phone."

" SR's great great grandfather's picture "

Ok, now that I have posted nearly every inch of Lynn's house, we have yet to enter the SR zone. Hold on to your panties ladies it is a secret and dark area of the house. Located at the end of the hall-quite similar to the Exorcist-it is there that one will encounter the darkest of cream tones, and yep! black furniture and accessories. We all knew that SR had a dark side and I will prove it to you. As you enter the vintage double dark french doors you will find leather chairs, black furniture, spackled dark cream walls, and a huge,huge.....TV (no SR this is not about you this time, it's about your TV.) Old radio cabinet, vintage dressers,torn lamps,and old family photos abound. This is where all the babies gather as well. The babies being the sweet doggies of which they have 3. When SR is not decorating the house-and boy is Lynn glad that that seldom happens-this is where you can almost always find him. And why not, who wouldn't love to relax in this room. This just goes to prove the point that lighter isn't always better if it is decorated well. Sometimes it is very refreshing to have that one area that is entirely different from the rest......


  1. Those clock cases leave me green with envy . . .

  2. Girl you are a hoot~~~ I love to visit you ~~~ you always make me laugh!!! I love every side of you ~ GIRL YOU ARE WHAT WE CALL DOWN HOME KINDA PEOPLE!!! I love your blog~~~I love your style~~you are great !!!You sure got a fan here girl ~~~ I visit you everyday!!!!LOVE IT~~~~Blessings, Deborah

  3. Ok, now I'm convinced that Lynn (I mean SR) and I are kindred spirits. We like the same things and own the same similar things. After being in Warrenton today, seeing so many cool things (nope didn't buy anything, wait until tomorrow), I can't to set up my booth with the almost same similar things as posted here. Hope ya'll can make it out.

  4. What wonderful collections and displays! I especially love the trophy cups! Love your blog! Hope you have a fun junkin weekend!

  5. Ooh, I LOVE SR's decorating. Don't get me wrong, I really love the creamy white stuff too, but I'd rather appreciate it in someone else's home. That's why I really like visiting your blog, to see all the dreamy creamy photos. But ... my decorating here at the Cottage is runs more like SR's taste. I've got two of those old clock cases sitting around, and I was going to turn them into display cases. But you know, I was going to paint them white. After seeing your photos of SR's clock cases, darned if I'm not going to paint those things black now! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. I love it! I love it all...
    You have taken us through the whole house and it is very very beautiful but I must say that I love love love these pictures and THIS room!!!
    everything vintage

  7. Girl I love your blog..what beautiful things you and have your pictures and stories are just great...Have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Those clock cases are terrific!

    The Texas Woman