Monday, March 23, 2009

~ What Ev ~

"Made it just in time. Who cares if they are closing in 5 minutes, I've worked all day and now I want to relax and shop. The store is much quieter at closing time anyway."
"When I shop at closing time I get a better deal because they want to get me out as quickly as possible." Sometimes I am lucky and they are in such a hurry that they forget to charge me. That makes it even more worthwhile."

"Really I don't know what all the fuss is about. I've spent all day at home watching TV and now I feel like I need to get out and move around a bit. What better place than a shop, and who cares what time it is, I need to buy things in order to be happy don't I? I think while I'm there I will see if the tea room is open-maybe they will serve me coffee and dessert before I start to shop."

"I find I get more emotionally charged after hours. The adrenaline starts to pump and I am ready to break open my wallet. Ooops! I forgot my wallet, oh well who cares there's alot of shopping to be done even if I can't buy it right now. I'll have them take my name and number and come back to get it at the same time tomorrow."

You might be wondering what the term "what ev" means, well for those of you who do not know it that means "whatever" for short. I find myself saying this an awful lot lately, but I guess it is better than saying a few other choice words I can think of. I bet you know where this post is going. I'm almost sure that everyone of us at one time or other has come upon the infamous "late shopper." I don't know about you, but after standing on my legs nearly 8 hours or longer, I am more than ready to get home and relax. What is it about closing time that seems so appealing for these few "special customers?" The customer that dashes to the door nearly killing themselves on the doorstep because they did not see it. Or the customer who nearly drives right through the store just to get your attention, not to mention the fact that if they would have come 7 inches closer you would be part of the back wall display. Hmmmmm....Or the customer who desperately has to use the bathroom-and if this is the case look out!!!, because 9 times out of 10 you will be staying after to clean up the mess that just got left behind. How about the customer that always seems to come at the same time every time-closing time. Do they not realize or care that we are closing the store and shopping hours are over? Or is there a special rule for for certain people that says they are only to start shopping at closing time? Is there a time change that these people are on and we are not aware of ? I can't seem to find the answers to these questions. There is one question that I can answer, and it is almost always the same answer every time. What do these customers buy? Absolutely nothing!


  1. Now girl this is so true and too funny..I worked at a shop that was suppose to close at 5pm the rest of the town would be empty and I would be bring in the stuff from the sidewalk so peeps could see I was closing and they were still come in...and the ones I really hated were the Candles smeller they had to smell every candle in the display the back lights were off so then they want to go peek back there...tell them sorry store was closed and they would still stand there and smell candles...then they would finally walk out without buying a thing...oh girl I would get so mad...and one day a lady wanted to see a bird house way up high and I had to drag the ladder in and climb up and get it down for her...all she said she "cute" Girl I could have slapped her silly...So yes I know what you mean..Hope you have a great week...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Tiina, you must of spoke with Barb this evening.
    I don't mind the last minute shopper that just got off work and hurried to get to our shop before we close. They need a last minute baby gift or something and they know right where it is. But those are the customers that will say, "I know you're about to close can I hurry and get something?" They work and they know what it's like to want to leave work as soon as their shift is over and that is why they apologize when walking in our door at the last minute. It's the same with those who shopped and saw something earlier in the day and didn't purchase it at the time but they couldn't get their mind off of it. There again they hurry in the door hoping that the item is still there, they apologize and say, "I was here earlier, I know right where it is, can I hurry and get it?" And we let them because we love our customers! The others (the last minute lookers, who look for 30 minutes past 6:00)
    are who make us want to lock the door 2 to 5 minutes early. They need to walk (or stand) in our shoes all day for one day and I'm not trying to be mean, all I'm asking for is some consideration. So, that I will quit having nightmares, thank you very much! (And so that you will be able to post sweet blogs again, ha.)

  3. I grew up in a retail store....I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL!!!! hang in there...retail is an art...right?

  4. This is funny, When your dealing with the public it takes all kinds. I know wherever I worked at, I was always in a hurry to leave. When its time to go its time to go especially if your on your feet all day.

  5. And On our feet...lifting, loading, creating,climbing,driving freeways in all kinds of weather. Let alone waiting on good customers all day. They think our business is easy...its the hardest in reality, we have things to do at home too. We have a few that just want to "bitch" about their day, or tell stories when at that time of day just don't even matter. The 80 yr. old man that stops in everyday and waits for us to deal with customers, kind of in the way...hello...can't you go to the golf course and take their time? The selfish person who is stopping to tell you all about what she is doing, who has all kinds of money, but just cant spend any right now. We are learning quickly to not give them as much time, be brief as possible. It's kind of working...but not completly. wow, a place to vent this morning, I'd do much better venting tonight after work!

  6. Two of those customers are there to greet us right before we open... when we are hauling things in from our cars, unloading the shop out onto the sidewalk and trying the turn on lights and set up for the day...why do they think they are so special? Love them, but hey, we are running a business not a job!

  7. Hey 'what ev' LOL! You better watch it your going to get all of us shop owners so wriled (is that a word?)up, there just might be a retail revolution! You have certainly touched a nerve, thank you for venting for us all!

  8. This post is very interesting, as are the comments.
    I guess because i am a new shop owner, (opened a little gift shop last May), i have not hit that part of it.
    I am enjoying each and every person who comes in. Some never buy, but it is obvious they are in need of company and feel your place is a safe place to be where someone might care about them when no one else does.
    Getting my name out, and being able to stay open, are important to me, but not as important as the people.
    When i stop caring about them, and stop having fun, i will stop having a store.

    We all have homes to go to, but how are we going to feel when we get home? Are we going to be glad for lives we touched that day? Or are we going to be miserable because someone kept us late?
    It's really our choice.

    Blessings to all shop owners, and I hope you love what you do and the people who come to your store. Without them we would have no store at all.

    Barbara Jean

  9. There must be a sign that says,,,oh,,,Anyone staying after closing, will run the risk of being shot. Hahahahaha
    I know I'm sick...hahaha

  10. I just purchased a sign with "whatever" on it. I had been eyeing it for sometime because my sweet granny, the last couple years of her life, would always say "whatever, whatever". I felt it was her old age that just didn't want to get upset or worry or confront anything it came out in "whatever, whatever".... and that was the end of her thought. I too, like you, have been catching myself saying "whatever" A LOT. I didn't realize it until after I finally did purchase the sign in memory of my sweet granny.

    I guess it is the "age/wisdom/maturity" in us that causes us to realize what truly is worth getting "our feathers ruffled" about and what really is just .............."whatever"!!!

    Great post! ~ Cheryl