Saturday, March 14, 2009

~ Sentimental Journey ~

As the month of March slips by, I am preparing for a new adventure next month. I have decided to downsize drastically at Golightly's Gallery and get a new space at Lone Star Antiques. It is exciting and scary at the same time. I have been at both places at the same time before, but now money has become an issue and I had to make this tough decision. Hopefully the economy will improve in the near future. The cost of maintaining a space and working days and low sales starts wearing on you after a while. Sometimes it is best to step back in order to move forward..... I will post pics of the transformation of the booths as they happen. One thing I am pretty good at is painting walls and coming up with a few new ideas in that area. Maybe a change in the type of items one sells may be a consideration. Either way I am looking forward to it!......


  1. Too bad you're far away, we would love to have you as a Dealer in our store!

  2. I love the baby doll with no head in pic #2! I am planning a display with babydoll bodies! I have collected heads for years, you can see them in the cupboard that was in CL! But, now I am focused on the bodies! I love your blog! Or have I told you that before!

  3. Hope things go well for you with the changes.
    I look forward to seeing the transition.

    Barbara Jean

  4. I love looking at all the cream - will someday live in an all cream house. Let me tell you that peoples' selections of music sometimes irritate me, but then I heard yours. I quickly went out to buy the Pride and Predjudice and fell in love. Thank you for you gift of music. And, times will improve. Everyone in the biz, says their sales are down. Eventually, it will change back again. Now, is probably a good time to stock up.

  5. Sometimes we need the change... Can't wait to see the new spaces!!

  6. I wish you tons of success, things will turn around, and you have wonderful taste. Hang in there!

  7. Change can be scary but rewarding too:) Your items are lovely and I look forward to seeing your new booth:) Good luck with your endeavor.

    BTW, when I went walking through our historic district yesterday with a friend I noticed one of the new homes that is for sale was painted a Robin's egg blue with dark brown shudders. I got so excited and told my friend that you were getting ready to redo your bedroom and bathroom in those colors:) I also snapped a picture of the house which I hope to post later in the week:)

  8. I get so happy watching your blog!! Yor style is very special and unique!! I love it!!

  9. I totally can relate to what you are going through. This has really affected my decision for not being in shops anymore. I can go do a show and make a lot more than I would in a shop, but I really miss being in a shop. I'm seriously considering the plunge again and in the past few months have actually considered being in a shop again. That's why one of the trips I took this year lead me to Ft. Worth. I just wish it wasn't so far from me, because I'd consider Lonestars in a heart beat!! Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

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  11. You sound very positive~thats good~Wish you the best in your 'New Adventure', Beautiful captures again~filled with oh so beautiful eye candy! I love the last pic with the little chandelier,& the gorgeous antique oval plate!
    I look forward to each new post!:)
    Enjoy your day!

  12. Times are tough, but please don't change a thing ~your stock looks beautiful...
    I love your blog ~ you have a very unique style of displaying which is so pleasing to the eye.

    I wish you much success ~ and look forward to hearing more!